Shopping for a Flat screen Television

Televisions have come a long way since the introduction of the flat screen television. Long gone are the days of the tube television that would take up the width of a large table and be the size of a sheet of paper. Today the flat screen technology has provided us with larger screens, clearer pictures, and more features than we could have even imagined a few years ago.

Features of Flat Screen TV

Today there are a few key features that will determine which is the best flat screen tv for your entertainment needs. These include the following:

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Selecting a Television Provider

While a few people still use rabbit ears to get the local channels, mainstream America has resigned itself to using a cable or satellite internet provider for their television and entertainment needs. While new programming options are becoming available through Netflix and Hulu plus, most still want the convenience provided with 100 to 200 plus channels of shows to choose from at any given moment. Not that anyone really watches 1/3 of what is available.

Cable is the oldest of the network options and they are often the lowest quality and the highest cost. Most cable companies have branched out to internet services and other connectivity options to cross sell consumers since their revenues are declining in the cable sector. (more…)

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